Dear friends and fans of Playboy Buddy Rose:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we discuss what many of you already know: Buddy passed away on Tuesday April 28, 2009 at his home in Vancouver, Washington. He was 56 years old.

Buddy was an amazing and complex individual. He was the dastardly heel that everybody loved to hate in the wrestling business... and he was also the cream puff of a man who loved General Hospital and his pet Dachshunds. One minute you wanted to punch him in the nose, the next he had you rolling on the floor in laughter from one of his infamous tirades. He was really like a little boy with a naughty streak that always got the best of him.

When Buddy died, we tried to get into the web site and post a tribute, only to find that he had changed all of the passwords. It took several days for us to get everything back on track. Instead of being mad at Buddy, we all just kind of laughed -- it was typical of the sort of silly madness that he brought into our lives. He never meant anything malicious by it, of course -- he sometimes just acted on impulse and dealt with the specifics later on, again like a little boy.

Buddy's widow, Tammy, wanted you all to know how much she has appreciated the outpouring of affection and support she has received these past few days. It has been an overwhelming time, as you might imagine. Buddy and Tammy were together for 34 years, and married for 19.

Tammy told me, "My life with him was always full of laughs... and anybody who ever met him will tell you of all the laughter Buddy brought to their lives, as well." He had his aches and pains, from years in the wrestling business, and slowed down considerably in his later years, but Buddy still managed to find the humor in things and found a lot of joy in this world.

Buddy told Tammy not long before his death, "When it's my time, remember I lived a good life. No regrets. I saw the world, and did everything I wanted to."

Buddy leaves behind his wife, Tammy, daughter Alexia, and two grandchildren, Sofie and Luke.

It has been an honor to keep this web site going for Buddy, and I will continue to do so, at Tammy's request. His legacy in the wrestling business, and the unbelievable life he led, have left an impression that will never diminish with time.

Thank you all for your love and support.