Power of Enneagram for Relationships and Personal Growth

Power of Enneagram for Relationships and Personal Growth

Power of Enneagram for Relationships and Personal Growth

Relationships form an important part of our every day lives. The connection you have with your family, loved ones, friends and even yourself plays a critical role on your sense of happiness and personal success.

That is how the power of Enneagram comes as a helpful tool to unlock the hidden door of truly understanding people… and connecting to ourselves and others on a deeper level.

Have you ever done something when you were upset or hurt that left you puzzled afterwards? Or have you watched as a loved one acted unusual and different… and you had no clue why?

It is natural to be living with someone for years… and still have hidden depths and corners in them we don’t know about. What can we expect really? We have lived with ourselves for a lifetime… yet we often don’t know our complete inner side.

Thanks to the power of Enneagram, not only you can discover - for the first time ever - why you are the way you are, but you also receive the most effective tool to see through people’s actions and unlock their inner side. It is truly a beautiful gift to be able to understand why everyone acts the way they do, and reach the core of their heart.

As one wise friend always said, “The greatest need for us is to understand and be understood. Because that is the basis for true, unconditional love and acceptance.”

So How Can the Enneagram Help You Improve Your Relationships?

Here are simply 3 ways you can expect to benefit from learning more about Enneagram relationship tips in your personal and business life:

  1. Know Yourself and Your Powers and Weak Points

You are a truly unique human being. The gifts you bring to this world every day with your energy and presence is a magical combination of your strengths and weaknesses. We all have both - whether we accept it or run away from it.

And the strongest and smartest people are those who embrace their skills and follow their inner calling, and also are aware of their dark side and learn to live in peace with it. So the Enneagram helps you get in touch with both sides, and grow from both.

In a perfect world, you don’t need to hide or run away from your fears or weaknesses. You can embrace your inner self - with all that it brings to the table. That is when you are at your highest. And the Enneagram helps you exactly with that.

  1. Understand Others Around You

We are social beings, that is for sure. We thrive by being surrounded by people we love and connect with. When the inner voice in you clicks with someone else’s… the sparks fly. And that moment of understanding and connection is truly priceless, isn’t it?

But that doesn’t happen very so often now, does it?

Actually, sometimes it seems to happen once in a blue moon when we truly and deeply connect with someone else. When you truly feel like you share the same vision, the same energy, and the same passion - so to say.

So what if I told you that can happen every day? What if you could see through people’s guards and masks… and see the pure inner child in them? What if you could skip the small talk and have a heartfelt connection with a stranger after 5 minutes?

Wouldn’t it be magical to go through the day like that?

It truly would. And the good news is, it is absolutely possible. After five years of working with the Enneagram, it has been a powerful journey to finally be able to understand loved ones.

You’ll find out more about how you can develop that power in the next guides soon. So stay tuned!

  1. Find Your Unique Pathway to Growth and Ultimate Happiness

Have you ever felt out of place - in a job, or among a group of friends? Have you sensed this in your gut that you didn’t belong there… but you suppressed that voice anyway because it didn’t make sense?

What if you could find our the place you truly feel “at home” - for the first time ever?

What if you get the tools necessary to discover what you are truly meant for? The career that brings out your passion to life…

The relationship with whom you feel at home with…

With Enneagram, it is all possible… and so much more.

Once you discover your unique Enneagram type, you will see as bright as the Sun what your inner calling is, and how you can enhance your relationships at home and in your workplace.