Women's Dating and Relationship Advice to Other Women

Women's Dating and Relationship Advice to Other Women

In the battlefield of love, it is said that it is the women that are usually in the losing end. Women are more emotional than men and have the tendency to be sentimental when it comes to the decision on when to start or end a relationship.

However, women must know that the battlefield of love is an equal field and she is given the right to choose. We have gathered several DATING AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE WOMEN to help those who are in quandary on when to jump and fall into a relationship.

"No matter how fun the thought may be, there is no such this as ‘they lived happily ever after'. The success of a relationship is the result of a daily decision to keep the relationship interesting." – Kim G., Albany, New York

"Never rely on your man for every decision in your relationship. A relationship is made up of you and him. You must also decide on where your relationship is headed."–Sarah M., Lincoln, Nebraska

"It is always a plus factor if your man never fails to complement you, whether for your delicious apple pie, gorgeous haircut or for your lipstick color that complements the color of your eyes." – Eve D., Sacramento, California

"Never forget yourself in the relationship. Relationship is not a sticker that glues you and your beau together. You still have the right to do things on your own." – Nicole B., Juneau, Alaska

"Do not settle for less." – Maureen M., Augusta, Maine

"Good looks or great body do not guarantee that the man will make you happy. Most of the time, it is the guy with a chip on the tooth that will melt your heart." – Brianna May G., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"It never hurts to be a little aggressive in the relationship. From my personal experience, I found out that men enjoy the company of women who know what they want." – Emma O., Lansing, Michigan

"If you want to dress up, it must be for your satisfaction, and not to catch the attention of men. It should be about empowering yourself. Men are attracted to women who can carry themselves well." Nekeesha B., Carson City, Nevada

"Never have sex on your first date. This ruins the anticipation of a possible lasting relationship." – Ava D., Cheyenne, Wyoming

"When dating, check if the man is intimidated by strong female personality. When a man is intimated by this, it is an indication of insecurity and can be a red flag for an abusive relationship." – Tonya D., Salt Lake City, Utah

"On the first date, ask your guy to tell a story about his mother or any significant female figure in his life. His reactions during narration can be tell-tale signs on how he perceives women and the possible scenario of your relationship with him." – Abigail B., Richmond, Virginia

"Never date a man who is intimidated by working women. This is one insecure fellow and hooking up with him can lead to a toxic relationship." – Louise S., Boise, Idaho